Music of Mary C. Wright
(Santa Maria de los Conejos)
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HEBBY TENDERS (Struggling For A Natural Resistance) (1987) flute (alto flute, piccolo), clarinet (bass clarinet), 2 percussion, piano, violin, cello. 5 minutes

LIZARD BELLY MOON (1988) 3 electric guitars and electric bass. 6 minutes
Recorded on Bang On A Can Live, Volume 3 (CRI/Emergency CD 672)

HE DON'T CARE (1991) amplified piano, synthesizer, drum set, MIDI mallet controller, amplified violin, amplified cello. 6 minutes

JEFF AND JENNY (part one) (1992) string quartet (2 violins, viola, cello). 5 minutes

JEFF AND JENNY (part two) (1992) string quartet (2 vln, vla, vc) with amplification and electronic signal processing. 4 minutes. This work may be performed alone or with Jeff and Jenny (part one).

DAD LEFT BEFORE YOU GOT A CHANCE TO MEET HIM (1993) tenor saxophone, piano, electric guitar, percussion, cello, bass. 11 minutes

SUNFLOWER (1994) flute, clarinet, mezzo-soprano (and synthesizer), synthesizer, percussion, cello.
18 minutes

Mary C. Wright

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