Chamber Music Catalogue for the LEISURE PLANET MUSIC

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CHAMBER ENSEMBLES (alphabetical by composer)

Richard Amromin

3 (Y)EARS (1979) 3 piccolos and 3 percussion. 8 minutes. Study Score RA2 $7.50

MOVING TARGETS (1982) flute (piccolo), clarinet (bass clarinet), 2 percussion, 2 pianos, violin, cello. 10 minutes. Study Score RA3-S $15.

A PARABLE FOR POST-PARANOIDS (1988) narrator with chamber ensemble: flute (piccolo), clarinet (bass clarinet), percussion, piano (2 players: keyboard and piano interior), violin, cello, and 2 tapes. 12 minutes. Study Score RA4-S $10.

Matt Easton
ENTERTAINING THE GHOST (a march in the Tibetan style)
2 oboes, 2 trumpets, trombone, tuba, 2 percussion (some substitutions possible). 6 minutes. Set of Scores ME3 $25.

MONO NO AWARÉ WO SHIRU flute, alto saxophone, bongos, electric reed organ, tenor banjo. 6 minutes. Set of Scores ME2 $15.

TRIO (1988) flute, A clarinet, cello. 21 minutes. Score and Parts ME1 $25.

Robert Fernandez

TENTACLES (1979) any instruments, 3 to5 players. 10 minutes (approximate). Set of Parts RF2 $12.

Tristan Fuentes

GRETCHEN (1986) violin, piano (synth, small tam tam), bass (or cello), marimba/perc. 12 minutes. Score and parts TF2 $30.
Recorded by Helios on Solar (Sol Y Sombra Records 001)

PAN AM (1984) violin/pan pipes, piano/pan pipes, bass (or cello)/pan pipes, marimba/pan pipes, and tape. Marimba part includes optional doublings on steel drum and accordion. 19 minutes. Score, parts, and dat tape.
TF1 $40.

RISAS DE LOS INCAS (1983) violin, piano, percussion, bass. 17 minutes. Score and parts TF3 $30.

Arthur Jarvinen

THE ATEN (1995) violin or clarinet, piano, bass, drum set/gongs. 8 minutes or more (may include improvisation). Score and parts AJ41. $30.
Recorded by Helios on Solar (Sol Y Sombra Records 001)

BE GOOD TO YOUR FINGERS AND THEY WON'T KILL YOU (1994 version) clarinet, viola, bassoon, contrabass, persussion. 8 minutes. Study Score AJ39-S $12.

CHASING THE DEVIL (1995) 4 melody instruments, "low" instrument, percussion, bass instrument. 12 minutes. Score AJ43.

CLEAN YOUR GUN (1991) electric violin, chromatic harmonica, cello, baritone saxophone (all amplified). 5½ minutes. Score and Parts AJ30 $17.
Recorded by the California E.A.R. Unit on Edible Black Ink, music of Arthur Jarvinen (OO Discs #28)

CLEAN YOUR GUN (1992) string quartet (2 violins, viola, cello). 5½ minutes. Score and Parts AJ31 $17.

2 Hammond organs (one with one octave of pedals), amplified violin, percussion (2 kick drums, 10 steel bell plates, concert bass drum). Violin has an improvised cadenza.
12 minutes. Score and parts  AJ57 $35.

EGYPTIAN TWO-STEP (1986) piccolo (bass flute), chromatic harmonica, baritone saxophone, marimba, 2 compressed-air spray cans, piano, electric bass. 6 minutes. (Recorded by the California E.A.R. Unit on New Albion NA019CD) Study Score AJ21-S $12.

GOLDBEATER'S SKIN (1987) bassoon (or bass clarinet), glockenspiel, ratchet, electronic harpsichord, violin, cello. 8½ minutes. Study Score AJ17-S $10.

ISOLUMINARIES (1995) flute, bass clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, cello. 12 minutes. Score AJ46 $20.

THE MODULUS OF ELASTICITY (1992) viola (solo) with chamber ensemble: krummhorn (or oboe), bass clarinet, bassoon, violin, cello, perc.16 minutes. Study Score AJ38-S $18.

MURPHY-NIGHTS (a coda to "Johnny Sprays") (1989) baritone saxophone, percussion, synthesizer, electric violin, electric bass, optional solo instrument. 12 minutes. Study Score AJ23-S $10.
Recorded by the California E.A.R. Unit on Edible Black Ink, music of Arthur Jarvinen (OO Discs #28)

THREE GYMNOPÉDIES (1999) piano, violin, percussion (vibraphone and crotales).  12 minutes.
Score and parts  AJ56  $35.

THE HOLE-FLOW SYMPHONY (1997) "documentary score" of first realization, for analog electronics, violin, bass clarinet, trombone, harmonica. 35 minutes. AJ53  $8.
Recorded by Some Over History, Erase the Fake (OO Discs 48)

SUMO I - VII (2002) a suite of very short pieces for tenor saxophone, piano, electric bass, and drum set. 2½ minutes. Score and parts AJ64  $25.

TOYS DO NOT WALK AND TALK (1992) bass clarinet, trombone, violin, electric bass. 7 minutes. AJ53a.
Also available in a version for vln, el gtr, tbn, bs. AJ53b. Score and Parts. $30.
Recorded by Some Over History on Erase the Fake - music of Arthur Jarvinen (OO Discs #48)

VISCOUS LININGS (1981) celeste, viola, bass clarinet, percussion. 13 minutes. Score and Parts AJ10 $27.50

THE VULTURE'S GARDEN (1990) flute (picc), clarinet (bass cl), 2 perc, piano, violin, cello. Other orchestrations are possible,
in consultation with the composer. 13 minutes. Score AJ24 $15.
Recorded by the California E.A.R. Unit on Edible Black Ink, music of Arthur Jarvinen (OO Discs #28)

WHITE LIGHTS LEAD TO RED (1996) flute, bass clarinet, piano, 2 percussion, violin, cello. 10 minutes.
Score AJ49 $15.

Leon Milo

ANTIPHON (1986) 2 flutes, clarinet, bass clarinet, piano, 2 violins, viola, cello. 9 minutes. Study Score LM2 $15.


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